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Powerful Computer Vision APIs that enable Developers to build awesome software and empower businesses to make better decisions.

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APIs to make sense of images.

AlchemyVision enables Developers to detect the face position, age range, gender, celebrities, objects, words and similar images found in large volumes of images.

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How Vision can work for you.

It's time to integrate images as part of your big data analytics. Sort and understand all of your images so that you can quickly find them when you want.

  • Ecommerce
  • Better target ads
  • Organize image libraries
  • Improve consumer experiences
  • Monitor your brand
  • Profile target markets
  • Improve research
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You wouldn’t build a website without analytics. You can’t build a company without intelligence. See the success stories of companies leading the front.

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Explore the power of computer vision.

1.5 Trillion photos will be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat this year. There are Trillions more on hard drives, corporate databases and trapped within documents. Computer Vision technology makes it easy to create smart apps that deeply understand images so that you can make better-informed decisions.

Image Association

Vision understands 3D image context, stylistic differences and current events. You can categorize your entire image library without relying on tedious and expensive tagging by hand. With each tag, you receive a confidence score to ensure that every image is classified as accurately as possible.

Image Keywords


Image Keywords

With Natural Scene Text OCR, you can magically identify text found in meme photos, road signs, clothing or products. Natural Scene OCR can be combined seamlessly with AlchemyAPI's NLP, Face Detection and Image Tagging APIs to build powerful social media monitoring, content classification, discovery solutions and more.

Text Within Image

King Prawns

Text Within Image

Vision can extract the text within an image. It it is successful, it will return the text as a whole, along with a line by line analysis. This provides the position and size of the text in the image along with a confidence score.

Face Detection

Late Adult

Face Detection

Vision returns the position, age range, gender, and (in the case of celebrities) the identities of the people in the photo, along with a confidence score for each piece of data. If identification succeeds, the API will return both the person’s name along with a confidence score. Additionally, metadata about the person can be returned, making use of AlchemyAPI’s internal knowledge graph technology.

01Case Study


Restaurant directory and review service, Tabelog combines food reviews, photos and guest blogs with AlchemyAPI's computer vision services to enable foodies to discover the best dining experiences across the U.S.

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The Challenge

Finding images that help foodies virtually experience restaurants

Every day, Tabelog collects over 1,000 restaurant and food relevant photos from Foursquare and Instagram that can be used in their directory. However, a large portion of those images are selfies or group photos that do not convey any useful information about the food or restaurant experience. For Tabelog’s directory to serve its purpose – virtually recreating a specific restaurant experience – the application driving the directory filters those images to find appropriate and informative photos.

Images present a complex unstructured data analysis challenge. While there is no shortage of imagery on the Web, the extensive depth of nuance and abstraction makes “understanding” what the image represents more difficult than text, which comparatively has a much more finite pool of potential meanings associated with each word.

The Solution

Image analysis REST API that finds the best images to represent a restaurant

After researching and evaluating a couple of photo analysis services, Pinkston discovered AlchemyAPI. “As an experienced developer, one of the first things that impressed me was how quickly I implemented the Image Analysis API,” he remarks. “It only took an hour to get a custom library built and working with it. Also, the simplicity of the REST API makes it language agnostic and gives us the cross-domain integration we need.” The other factors that convinced him to use AlchemyAPI are performance-based; competitive services did not reliably filter images like they wanted.

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"AlchemyAPI dramatically reduces the amount of time needed for the mundane, repetitive task of separating useful images from mountains of unrelated or inappropriate content."

The Value

Increased productivity, dramatic time savings, desired results

From Pinkston’s perspective, "AlchemyAPI’s services dramatically reduce the amount of time that a person would otherwise need to spend on the mundane and repetitive task of separating truly useful images from mountains of unrelated or even inappropriate content. We can now dedicate those hours to more productive, interactive and interesting tasks."


Scalable Image Automation and Insights

Considering the tremendous volume of data posted on social sites, a service that enables making informed decisions can not only save visitors time, but money. With AlchemyAPI’s Image Analysis service, Tabelog rapidly eliminates irrelevant and inappropriate content to make your experience on the site and at the restaurant you choose equally enjoyable.

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